Make money selling custom false nails

This is something I’ve done with varied amounts of success over the years. The initial outlay costs something but there can be some profit in this. You can paint them beforehand or offer a custom colour service, if you have enough colours to choose from.

Here is a list of some of the supplies you will need:

  • False nails, preferably in long, medium and short. Try Amazon and eBay if you are having problems finding them.
  • A selection of nail polishes. You can grab cheap ones for now in places such as Home Bargains, B&M, Poundland etc. I was an Avon rep and have dozens of their polishes!
  • Decent topcoats. I use Avon Gel Shine and Matte Top Coat from New Look.
  • Cotton pads and nail polish remover for cleaning up any mess. I use the pump-up, acetone free remover from Lidl.
  • Optional sponges for dabbing on glitter if required. I bought some kitchen sponges from eBay and cut them up!
  • Plastic bags and small envelopes for packaging and posting.


The best nails to purchase are the ‘fishbone’ or ‘stick’ attached nails. I have two lengths, medium and long. However, they are very difficult to find at the moment. You may want to try Amazon or eBay, but most places are sold out of them.

Paint one side of the row of nails at a time, using as many coats as you need. Make sure the polish is completely dry between coats. Make sure you use a surface that you don’t mind getting messy, or use a silicone nail art mat. I’ve lost my mat so had to make do with an old, wooden board!

Do add a decent top coat – it will finish the nails nicely and should help them to stop sticking to each other when packaged up:

Make sure they are completely dry before packaging. You may want to leave them on the stick overnight for best results. Once dry, you can package them in the little bags ready to post:

I purchased some small padded envelopes, but ordinary small ones would do. Make sure you address the envelope before placing the nails inside!

The Post Office (UK) has a duty to make sure you are not sending anything prohibited through the post, but they are not supposed to ask you what’s inside, they can just ask if you are sending prohibited items. If they do ask you what you are sending, just say ‘Nothing prohibited’, or just tell them what’s in. (You will have to let them know if you are sending things like nail glue or nail varnish directly.) Alternatively, you can pop a first-class stamp on your envelope and post it yourself! They don’t cost much to send as they are very light.

Offer your nails for sale on eBay, Amazon, Gumtree, Facebook, Shpock and wherever else allows listings.

I hope this has been helpful. Comments, feedback and suggestions are welcome. 🙂