I’m a biter!

As a lifelong nail-biter, I was really pleased that I managed to grow them for a year or two. In all of my knitting tutorial videos, my nails are my own, painstakingly grown and tended daily with nail strengtheners and my homemade cuticle and hand moisturiser. I had looked after my cuticles and hangnails by carefully clipping them with my cuticle tool. It was all worth it; my nails were never perfect, but they were good enough for me and I was proud to have grown them.

It meant I could finally buy that gel polish kit I’d always wanted. I now have my own gel polishes with the LED lamp etc. My daughter bought me a selection of gel polishes and I was set!

But, oh dear, how things can change. The slightest stress causes me to bite my nails, and I started again a few months ago. However, I thought, no big deal, I’ll just get some extensions and let my own nails grow underneath.

And then the lockdown happened.

Once in this lockdown I began nibbling indiscriminately. I now have no nails; some have been bitten down so far that I’ve actually bled.

However, today I thought ‘enough is enough!’ I hunted out my nail strengthener, my cuticle clippers and my cuticle moisturiser from Avon. I spent time carefully clipping, polishing and moisturising and felt instantly better! It may seem shallow, but doing something to improve my appearance actually helped me overall. My grey roots and overgrown brows can wait, at least I have something I can work on right now! 😀

I’m going to try my hardest to grow them over the next few weeks and then hopefully they’ll be in good shape and I can try some of the nail art I’ve seen on YouTube – which should be good for a laugh if nothing else!