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My musings on the current coronavirus crisis

This website, along with my YouTube channel, is very new. I will be adding beginner tutorials on knitting, makeup, nail care and other things. However, there’s a twist – I’m not an expert in any of those things, so you will be learning from a beginner!

What’s the point of beginner tutorials from a beginner?

Well, as a beginner myself, I know what attracts me to tutorials and other videos. I also don’t like the ‘waffle’ that a lot of people place through their videos – I just want to watch the tutorial that shows me what I want to do without having to bypass 20 minutes of chatter!

I also feel that a lot of people feel more comfortable and can relate to others that are on their own level. I’m not a professional, I’m a normal person, just like you!

That being said, I do understand that some in-depth tutorials do necessitate a fair amount of dialogue, but I’ll try and keep this to a minimum.

I also think it would be quite funny if I try something and it fails – we all learn by our mistakes, right? 🙂

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