Welcome to Angela’s Blog!

This website, along with my YouTube channel, is very new. I will be adding beginner tutorials on knitting, makeup, nail care and other things. However, there’s a twist – I’m not an expert in any of those things, so you will be learning from a beginner!

What’s the point of beginner tutorials from a beginner?

Well, as a beginner myself, I know what attracts me to tutorials and other videos. I also don’t like the ‘waffle’ that a lot of people place through their videos – I just want to watch the tutorial that shows me what I want to do without having to bypass 20 minutes of chatter!

I also feel that a lot of people feel more comfortable and can relate to others that are on their own level. I’m not a professional, I’m a normal person, just like you!

That being said, I do understand that some in-depth tutorials do necessitate a fair amount of dialogue, but I’ll try and keep this to a minimum.

I also think it would be quite funny if I try something and it fails – we all learn by our mistakes, right? 🙂

Over time I’ll be adding a few knitting courses so beginners can learn from scratch. Hopefully they will be easy to follow and you can learn from them even if you have never knit anything in your life. By the end of them, you should at least be able to knit a scarf or some simple blanket squares, which can make great gifts.

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