Beginner Knitting

  • by Angela
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  • Last Update May 13, 2020

About Course

How to knit for absolute beginners


Our lessons are best viewed on a larger device, such as a tablet, PC or laptop. They will display just fine on a phone, but you will have to rotate your device to view any videos.

How to knit for beginners. This course will take you through the absolute basics of knitting, from casting on, basic stitches and casting off.

What Will I Learn?

  • You can learn an interesting and very versatile new skill. Knitting is a very relaxing way to spend time, and once you learn the basics and keep practicing, you will soon find your flow and start knocking out your own, personal masterpieces!

Topics for this course

6 Lessons


Introduction to knitting
Introduction To Knitting

Casting On?

How to cast on stitches to begin your knitting project

Basic Plain, or Garter, Stitch?

Knitting for beginners. This is the first stitch you should learn after casting on. It's simple and attractive. Just practice, practice, practice and then you will be ready for more advanced stitching and techniques. :)

Cast off (bind off)?

In this video I'll show you the normal and the 'stretchy' bind off methods to finish off your knitting.

How To Do Purl Stitch?

How To Do Purl Stitch. Combined with plain, garter stitch, you can create any number of projects.

Increase & Decrease?

A very simple video showing you how to increase to add more stitches, and how to decrease to have fewer stitches.


  • Wool/Yarn
  • Knitting Needles
  • Optional paper and pencil for row counting
  • Optional row counting mobile phone app

Target Audience

  • All ages from 10+