A Retrospective of the year 2020

I looked down at my great-granddaughter playing at my feet. She was singing to her dolls, her brown, wavy hair hanging messily around her face. Suddenly, she stopped playing and looked up at me, a slight frown creasing her forehead. ‘Granny’, she says, the frown still there. ‘Yes, m’love?’ ‘I…

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My first attempt at painting

After watching a few videos, it appears that trees are some of the simplest things to start with. So I had a go, and though they are not perfect, they turned out better than I thought they would. It sounds like an excuse, but our house is under refurbishment at…

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My introduction to painting


I’ve always felt as though I was creative. I’ve written short stories, sketched, dabbled with knitting and sewing, and I love website design and development. However, I’m also very fickle. I’m hoping to try something I can feel passionate about for the long term. At school, my art teacher told…

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I’m a biter!

As a lifelong nail-biter, I was really pleased that I managed to grow them for a year or two. In all of my knitting tutorial videos, my nails are my own, painstakingly grown and tended daily with nail strengtheners and my homemade cuticle and hand moisturiser. I had looked after…

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Do crises show our true colours as human beings?

How long do viruses live on surfaces

We are all designed with self-preservation instincts. It’s natural to want to provide for and protect ourselves and our loved ones. However, there’s a moment when self-preservation turns into complete selfishness. This corona virus outbreak is showing that there are different types of people responding in different ways. The self-serving…

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