Lockdown – End of day 1

My husband had to venture out today to stock up on supplies and to pick up my son’s inhaler from Tesco. He said that not only was the shop so much quieter, the empty shelves are also showing signs of healing! He managed to get most of what we needed, which was more than we had been able to do 2 days ago. Other people have also noticed that other supermarkets are showing signs of staying stocked, so this is good news.

On that note, to all of you panic buyers: was it worth it? Was it worth risking the lives of both yourselves and your loved ones, just so you could have more toilet rolls and pasta than other people, when there wasn’t even a shortage anyway? I hope you are all ashamed of yourselves!

On a brighter note, my friends and family are more in touch now than they were before – I think people are reaching out to loved ones for comfort and company, and I can see the Zoom servers coming under some stress in the near future!

But I’m sparing a thought for people who can’t find comfort in their own homes – there are women, children and even men that are not coping well and are victims of domestic violence and other forms of abuse. When your home is a safe place, it’s easy to forget that for some it just isn’t.

Social media, instant messaging, texting, phoning, not to mention media streaming, these things are all keeping us sane right now, and I’m surprised that most of the people I know seem to be adjusting and coping very well to the new restrictions. In general, I think the human race adapts quickly and comes together in times of crises, apart from a few, and this is marvellous!

It will be a time of healing once this threat is over. Businesses can begin to build again, hopefully redundant employees will go back to work, and people can say goodbye properly to their lost loved ones. Let’s all look ahead and keep in mind that it won’t always be this way, and things will get better!

Take care, and stay safe!

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